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Efficient portfolio management

Experience, state-of-the-art technology, structure and independence. It is our belief that these are necessary prerequisites for being both as consistent as possible and as flexible as necessary. Our six-step investment process, which always places an emphasis on your objectives, is decisive for this approach.

By ensuring broad diversification, we reduce risk and exploit potential returns around the globe.

When investing client assets, we systematically adhere to the principle of broad diversification, thus enabling us to tap as many selected sources of return as possible for our investment activities. We subject the markets to a thorough examination of their suitability on a regular basis. By doing so, we ensure that neither risks nor opportunities remain undetected during the definition of the investment universe.

The careful selection and weighting of asset classes is decisive for generating a target-oriented investment result.

With the help of our models, we forecast long-term earnings expectations. We weight the respective asset classes in a manner that allows for the creation of efficient portfolios that are optimal for you, taking account of market fluctuations. Moreover, we subject our forecasts to qualitative testing, which incorporates, among others, trading and portfolio factors. This process forms the basis for the long-term asset allocation of the individual investment strategies (strategic asset allocation, or SAA). We determine the risk associated with the respective strategy by performing a historical simulation calculation.

Active management adopting a top-down approach allows us to identify and exploit investment opportunities for you.

The global financial markets are subject to a large number of influences. As a result, when assessing asset classes, distortions that can represent both risks and investment opportunities are therefore frequently observed. We take account of this fact through the application of active management. Within the framework of a detailed market analysis, we evaluate relevant data in order to derive the tactical alignment of our investment profiles (tactical asset allocation, or TAA).

Only selected fund managers from around the world are good enough for our clients’ portfolios.

Our fund selection process is underpinned by a proprietary scoring model. We freely select from the full array of instruments from the investment universe in a cost-conscious manner. The fundamental criteria include: currency hedging in the funds, the freedom to choose how returns are used and access to institutional asset classes. Thanks to the targeted combination of passively and actively managed funds, we are able to optimally exploit the potential offered by the markets.

During the implementation phase, you also benefit from state-of-the-art technology combined with expertise, cost awareness and a meticulous approach.

When implementing the selected securities, we demand perfect execution and that costs are kept as low as possible. With the support of a first-class IT system that has been set up according to our standards, we are able to ensure the precise and swift implementation of investment decisions. The resulting close proximity to the market in terms of timing also allows us to respond immediately to any turbulence. With our order pooling, we provide attractive conditions, while our expertise guarantees the required precision.

To ensure that we enjoy long-term joint success, we always put all of our cards on the table.

As part of an independent process, we monitor the portfolio management results on an ongoing basis. We make sure that internal processes and investment guidelines are adhered to, risks are identified and investment objectives are achieved. Factors such as the observance of legal regulations, client restrictions, diversification and counterparty risks are examined at regular intervals. We monitor the market and order conformity of each transaction every day. Through a detailed performance analysis, we measure the contribution of every individual investment decision.